We host weekly meetings on our Discord server.
In-person sessions will be temporarily held at a member's home
until a new venue is secured.
Please email us for more information.

Our Services

Low or No-Cost Options

Our regular meetings are available at no cost to our members, and we aim to keep social gatherings within our members' budgets. However, we welcome donations to help fund our website and add new features for our members, but it is not a requirement to join. 

Critique Sessions

We offer the opportunity for our members to help others in person and online to build their writing skills constructively, actively, and respectfully. In addition, we have a 6-month Novel Workshop for more in-depth critiques. Please click here for more information.

Regular Meetings

We have weekly meetings that include activities such as writing sprints and critique sessions. We also meet every Monday online through Discord. All of our meetings and social events are offered to everyone from beginners to published authors, and every level in between.

Diverse Environment

We encourage everyone to be professional, considerate, and supportive of their fellow group members. Our goal is to create an environment where our members feel safe to share their voices, ideas, and help build each other up.

What our members are saying:

Real members giving their honest opinions.

“ We got some great writing done and enjoyed discussing it! ”

— Terry 

“ I always get so much done when I go to these sessions. I love you guys! ”

— Bo 

“ The people involved were sincere, down to earth and supportive of each other. I don't think anyone felt left out. Unicorns would be welcomed in this group :) ”

— Patrice 

"Fun, helpful group. I want to develop my story, my characters, my imagination so that I can write my book instead of dream about it."

— Robina 

The VCWS VIP Membership option is for our ACTIVE group members who would like to sign up for online benefits including:

--> Access to Writing Help documents, worksheets, and books via Google Drive. 

--> Anthology Submissions

--> Google Drive File Access for Online Critiques  

--> Private Messaging/Chat Between Members via Discord

--> Bi-Annual Manuscript Submissions for final copyediting/Beta reads

--> Invitations to member-only social gatherings and future writing retreats. 

***Members must be regular attendees and will have to be approved by the event coordinator before gaining access to VIP online features. Dropping inactive members is up to the discretion of the organizer.